Ghistele Epic

September 15

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222 km of te sweetest gravel and singletrail the west has to offer.

Locally Sourced × Gravelled with Love





The Epic


In the summer of 2019, the second edition of Ghistele Epic will guide a group of maximum 60 riders the most endearing parts of West-Flanders. The spirit of the ride can be summed up by the following keywords; Gravel, lactic acid, beers, friends, moustaches, lumberjacks and of course smiles for miles. Sounds like a plan doesn't it?

The M.O. is a simple one. We provide you with a GPS based course of exactly -more or less that is- 222 clicks as well as some other tasks along the route to provide us proof of completing the whole ride. Think alleycat-style with a twist, 

Every participant will be offered a though - mainly offroad course - perfecty suited for gravelbikes. Along the way we will provide an aid station as well as pre- and post-ride beers and other goodies.

If all this goodness sounds like a plan, keep an eye on our site and Blog, more news coming soon.

We will strictly limit the maximum amount of participants to 60 on a first come, first serve basis.

Keep an eye on the website, facebook and instagram for further information.

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Peace and Kittens

Team Ghistele Epic




Even the most epic of rides never happen without a strict set of rules every rider has to stick to. Have a read before the journey starts…

The team of Ghistele Epic has some core values, we expect all riders to live by. Therefore, we present to you, the rules:


  1. Thou shalt always wear lumberjacks, one is not allowed to start the ride without wearing flannels A.K.A. "chemise mé karroos" 
  2. Both male and female specimen need mustaches, if one's facial hair isn't sufficient, the organizers will provide hat rider with the best synthetic truckerstache money can buy.
  3. Every rider will receive the .gpx file of the ride one week before the start, in order to verify wether a participant finished the full course and deserves his spot as a one percenter in our Echatlon litter, we will use the most analogue technique one can imagine. Better bring your reading glasses.
  4. Spending a full day in the saddle wearing lycra, will most certainly release a whole array of wild and interesting chemicals in your brains. This however does not give riders the right to act as pompous lycracunts. Not on the road, nore on the trails. Respect is key, don’t litter and be safe!
  5. Although our team is already really grateful to each rider for paying the entry fee, money simply can’t buy everything. We are unable to guarantee everyone having a good day on our course without proper blessing a supreme being. That is why, as a gift and token of respect, we expect every rider to present us with a Maneki-Neko (let Google guide you) when picking up his or her racing number. 
  6. Always wear sunscreen.




Thunder Terry


Belgian champ beachracing

Crazy cat lady

Looks great in lumberjacks




Mister stumpy legs


El Reinout in Spanish