Ghistele Epic



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222 km of te sweetest gravel and singletrail the west has to offer.

Locally Sourced × Gravelled with Love





The Epic


In the summer of 2019, the second edition of Ghistele Epic will guide a group of maximum 60 riders the most endearing parts of West-Flanders. The spirit of the ride can be summed up by the following keywords; Gravel, lactic acid, beers, friends, moustaches, lumberjacks and of course smiles for miles. Sounds like a plan doesn't it?

The M.O. is a simple one. We will provide you with a GPS based course of exactly -more or less that is- 222 clicks as well as some other tasks along the route to provide us proof of completing the whole ride. Think alleycat-style with a twist, 

Every participant will be offered a though - mainly offroad course - perfecty suited for gravelbikes. Along the way we will provide an aid station as well as pre- and post-ride beers and other goodies.

If all this goodness sounds like a plan, secure your spot by entering through the register section of the site.

We will strictly limit the maximum amount of participants to 60 on a first come, first serve basis.

Keep an eye on the website, facebook and instagram for further information.

Treat yourself and become a two percenter. It will be worthwhile!




little epic

After last years edition of the Ghistele Epic, team eCHATlon couldn’t help but notice the amount of riders that really wanted to register, but were a bit skeptical to the idea of trading in their much enjoyed post ride bartime for a full day in the saddle.

In order to ensure everyone will be able to find his or her spot in our litter, we designed the Little Epic. A shorter loop of gravel in the format of a group ride (or individual ride). Little epic will shift it’s focus completely to the social and fun aspect of riding bikes. A strictly no drop, gentleman’s and -women ride with nothing but good vibes on the menu. Oh, and maybe some breakfast as well… ;)

Just like the riders that register for the full distance epic, participants of it’s little brother will be treated to the same goodness. Both on and off the bike. In order to turn this day into a truly unforgettable expirience, riders of the Little Epic will be treated to some extra off-bike-extras.

In order to kick things off fully fueled. registrants will be offered breakfast before the ride. After coffee (Thanks Il Magistrale) and Carbs, the group of maximum 20 riders will set out on it’s journey. A gravel guide will lead the pack over a 80 kilometer course following a scenic and historical route. A feed station and coffee stop along the way will ofcourse be included. After the ride, participants will be treated to an abundant amount of local brews while they tell the tales of their exploits and watch the riders of the Ghistele Epic roll in.

Oh, did we forget to mention the start time for Little Epic will be given from 9AM instead of 7AM? More nap time for that real sunday feeling!

If any of this sounds like a fun day out and about, hit register and secure your spot. Little Epic entries are strictly limited to 20 places, don’t sleep on it, you’ll have plenty time to do so afterwards…

Terry and Reinout are a Belgium based couple that rolls through the workweek one pedalstroke at a time. Weekends are filled with racing bikes both on and offroad. Through eCHATlon we will try to keep you guys and girls in the loop about our cycling related adventures. Think beach races in the winter season, gravelrides all year round and mountainbike marathons in the summer. Fair to say we shred quite a bit of rubber year round. All of this wouldn’t be possible of course without the support of our most beloved four pawed babies Marcel and Mare.

Read our little bio below, scroll through our blog and don’t forget to enter our gravelride on september 15th!


Thunder Terry


Belgian champ beachracing & indoor zwifting

Crazy cat lady

Looks great in lumberjacks




Mister stumpy legs


El Reinout in Spanish


IMG_0376 (1).jpg


All of the character, none of the hair.



His Ginger Higness, Lord of Tempelhof


OUR best partners

Because we are nothing without them… we ‘d like to introduce our partners through this little channel. Nothing but eternal gratitude and respect for the people who chose to help us ride the path!


9th wave

Providing us with the best wheels a (wo)man can have! We are very lucky to call this one of our main partners… tested & approved at enduro, XC, beachracing & gravel!

Looking forward to racing all over Europe with these babies!

  • 4-shore carbon

  • Bourne 29

  • Bourne 29 AL

ABUS cycling

We want nothing but the best to keep our coconuts safe! With the ABUS Gamechanger for aero/winterrides and the ABUS Aventor for the cooling down part we could not be happier! Although we tried out a LOT of different helmets, this is the shit!

IRC TIRES (through sabma)

When it comes to rubber, the Japanese know best.

Team eCHATlon-Doltcini can rely on the support of one of the most experienced names in the business.

IRC-Tire has produced some world cup winning profiles before and will surely help us keep the rubber side down this season.

Our tires of choice?

The Marbella during beach race season with it’s light but reliable carcass and grippy diamond profile.

The Mythos on the other hand is a great allround XC and Marathon tire. Always fast rolling and never sketchy, even when things get dirty.

Sabma is a versatile dealer whom is providing is with not only IRC but their fellow products as well… FOX, PTN Tire Noodles, … you name it, they have it!


Happy people, happy products equals happy bikes!

Need lube? Need soap? Need wax? Cyclon has it!

Cyclon, keep your bike smiling… and that’s all they do!


Ludy Van Voort is magician when it comes to making custom parts for every kind of bike!

Check out his stuff online and if you don’t find it there, hit him with a message! He’ll be happy to make for you, and for a reasanoble price!


In 2019 having chiseled quads and crisp tanlines is only half the work. What good are these to an athlete when his or her kit isn’t on point?

This is where Doltcini comes into play.

Their year long experience in fitting top level athletes with high quality and fast cycling kits make them a dream partner.

If you are looking for a high quality manufacturer that caters to your specific needs, there’s only one adress. Head over to and let the guys work their magic.


What’s an athlete without proper nutrition?

All natural and tasty as føq! Take it from us, you'll never touch another granola bar again.

And gels, did we mention gels? All the sweet, none of the stick. Plain little power pouches that will get you through the darkest of times.

If you want to test this out yourself, use our special code ‘TBA’ for extra discount.

VDB Technics

out of sympathy and always a nice word for the people who care!

vdb technics.png

Wether you're going out for an easy spin or taking on a gravelgrinder of epic proportion, Il Magistrale will keep (y)our caffeine levels topped up.

Give it beans, don't look back!

Our personal fave? Cima Coppi!

This blend  makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to begin with and really packs that oompf to get you out the door.

All aboard the hype train!


What is a person without ever supporting parents...

It's a real honor to fly under my dad's colors, he taught me hard work always pays off and learned me to push through even when things got really hard.

Here's to you pops!

Clean cuts and straight shaves, Haarstudio Alain Fremineur keeps it high and tight!

Because, no one should ever step upon the podium on a bad hairday....

Our weapons of choice:

  • ORBEA Alma M10

  • ORBEA Terra


BIKES BIKES BIKES… and only the best.

We truly were suprised by the versatility of the Orbea Alma.

These little pocket rockets absolutely fly on the beach, eat gravel like no other and thunder down trails at lightning speeds.

Strong, stiff and comfy is the name of the game.

Oh, and did we already mention they are absolute timepieces as well?

Velo really is love spelled backwards...

People of Tehava gave us some sweet sweet colorstuff from Supacaz

YOUR LOCAL BIKESHOP… people from everywhere around the west of Flanders… a big thank you for

  • helping us out

  • ordering those last minute high needed components

  • getting us dressed

  • riding your bikes

  • and the endless talks & coffee (& sometimes beers as well)


Team eCHATlon-Doltcini proudly teamed up with Safe-iD. These guys developed a great platform that bundles every piece of vital information a rider has and squeezes it all into a QR-code. Wear it on your wrist or stick it onto your helmet. When things go south, Safe-iD is a real lifesaver! Get home to your litter safely and order now.

Click on our link to get your discount code and be safe!

To keep up to balance between sweet & savory we teamed up with DE PINDAKAASWINKEL

I promise you, this is and will be the BEST peanutbutter you have ever tasted! Without doubt, our favourite!

Oh… try the one with white chocolate!