Greetings from sunny Ghistele.

It’s been almost a week now, since a bunch of graveling heroes set out on their adventure called Ghistele Epic. They gathered at dawn to get an early start, since 222 demanding kilometers were on their menu of the day. “Why did I even register” they were all thinking somewhere deep inside, still trying to shake off the sleep that didn’t want to let go.

However, by the time the first rays of sunshine hit their cup of morning coffee, restraint turned into fire. They got hungry as the smell of gravel found it’s way into their noses. Funny thing really, the fine line between resentment and absolute love that exists between every cyclist and the things he puts himself through on days like these. In the last couple of minutes prior to the start, it dawned on every single rider; they were in for a serious amount of second degree fun…

Second degree, because even though the weather couldn’t have been any better and not a single puddle of mud would lie in front of their tires, each and every one of them knew this ride was going to hurt. They were going to suffer under 50 shades of sun, but enjoy every minute of it nonetheless.

The course itself would wind through forgotten forest roads, lead them past the graves of the fallen and across some of the most beautiful hills in Flanders. They weren’t racing each other, nor were they racing the clock or the trails they were on. If anything, These riders were racing themselves, trying to stay ahead of monday. Because no one actually wanted this ride to end.

As the world rolled away underneath their wheels, the finish line of this journey everyone wanted to last for ever, started to get within reach.

Rides like these mean so much more than just the time spent in the saddle. To most cyclist these are the most valuable hours of the week. Not only because this two wheeled horse on rubber takes them places and leaves their legs dripping with lactic acid. Oh no, it’s really about the ride into their own headspace. Us cyclists just need our bikes to get us there.

That’s is why we are so grateful to everyone who made it to the start of our event. We love sharing experiences like these. The atmosphere created by every single one present that day, was simply magic. On and off the bike there were nothing but good vibes and love - maybe some beers as well ;) - involved.

We really just wanted to say thank you to every single one that made it to Ghistele that day, on to the next!

Your eCHATlon crew

Terry & Reinout

Borderlining Poland.

Hey guys, time for a little write up on the second stage of Sudety…

After yesterday’s win, morale was high to get the pedals turning again. Conditions were expected to be extremely wet, but some rain wasn’t going to stop us from fighting our way to the first spot on the podium.

Compared to the rest of the race, stage one of the Sudety Mountainbike Challenge kind of lets you get a hang of the terrain, although there are some tricky sections for sure, the course designers leave the big guns hidden for later in the race.

Compared to the opening leg of the challenge, stage two is a truly notorious one. Over 10 kilometers of the track stretches along the Polish and Czech border over what can only be described as a trail that was built with boulders originating from a couple of trucks worth of cargo loss. Add a massive amount of rain into the mix and the second stage quickly turned int to real carnage for both riders and their gear.

Like everyone on course that day, team eCHATlon-Doltcini suffered from some minor crashes and other little hiccups, but other than that we managed to keep a nice pace and ride it out to first place again!

Choo Choo!

Terry & Reinout

When it rains, it pours.

For the second year in a row, Team eCHATlon-Doltcini made it to the start of the Sudety Mountainbike Challenge in Poland. We drove up a couple of days in advance to get some rest before the race started and check out some parts of the course. Some pre-race chilling topped off with Polish ice-cream should leave us prepared for the week to come.

After successfully dodging torrential rains and heavy thunderstorms for the first two days before the race, on the night prior to the first stage we were kept awake by what sounded like the four horseman of the apocalypse dropping down from the sky. At this time nobody could believe the race was simply going to get underway just a couple of hours later. During breakfast everyone on the startlist was slurping his or her coffee in a rather doubtful way…

It looked like the first stage of this year’s Sudety was going to be a wet and very electric one. After two days of sunshine and unexpectedly great weather that’s just how the world works, right? Conditions actually turned out to be so bad that the start got postponed and the course shortened.

Once we started pedaling, the skies actually started to clear out. Not that we would have had time to direct any of our energy to the conditions, as the course proved to be more than demand, classic Sudety style.

Steep technical climbs, rocky and rooty descents and miles of lovely singletrack. It only takes a couple of kilometers to realize why everyone who ever entered this race loves it this much.

The first stage on any stage race is always special, it’s a weird mix of checking out your own limits, the ones of your teammate and of course the competition. No better way to start of a week of racing than with a win but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, since the woods in Poland are dark and full of terrors…

But hey, Team eCHATlon Doltcini struck first gold, so let’s end this post on that.


Terry and Reinout

Poland Preppers

While temperatures are rising to record numbers in Belgium, so is our stoke-o-meter for the upcoming week of marathon-racing.

After a great weekend of dusty Limburg trails and a wonderful maiden trip with the new campervan Team eCHATlon-Doltcini is more than ready to take on this year’s Sudety Mountainbike Challenge.

Training and preparation for our first stage race of the season went really well, The legs are feeling ready  to fight their way onto the podium again!

With our crazy light Orbea Alma XC-whips, we should be able to save a lot more energy on the climbs, especially compared to last year’s race. We are grateful to everyone who has been supporting us throughout the season. Without all of our wonderful sponsors, races like these definitely wouldn’t go as smoothly as they do now.

So big thanks again to Torq, for fueling us through the rides, Cyclon for lubing up our chains and keeping things clean. 9th Wave Cycling & IRC tires to keep the rubber side down and don’t forget Orbea, for hooking us up with some mighty fast machinery!

Little epic, big adventure.

Last weekend, Terry and I set out on one of the final recon rides for our little epic. Some little tweaks to the course still need to be done, but everything is looking mint up to now. If the weather is anything like it has been in the last few weeks, our riders will only need to brush the dust of your bike after the ride. Better slap those fast tyres on!

88 kilometers, never ending smiles and yet to be determined amounts of beer at the finish line are all going into the mix called Little Epic. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t miss out, places are limited and going fast!

As for the original – Let’s simply call it the OG -  Epic, some changes to the course will be made as well. Although the riders will still be charging through Flanders Fields and rushing up the classic bergs, the one percenters will definitely notice some fresh tracks.

Let’s finish things off with another scoop though!

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media pages and webshop, some nice additions to any cyclists wardrobe will be added soon. Make sure to get your hands on one of these eCHATlon exclusives and be a part of the pack!

Dirty Boar Bikepacker

Strap on your bags and enjoy the ride. This year, team eCHATlon Doltcini was lucky enough to get it’s paws on two tickets for the Dirty Boar Bikepacker. Even though it was only the second edition organised by our friends from the Vettige Swa’s, the bikepacker already acquired a legendary status in the scene. We were for sure in for a treat, on and off the bike.

On the drive up to the the High Fens, it kept on raining cats and (some) dogs. Both Terry and I started to wonder wether we packed enough dry stuff for this adventure…Only kilometers from the start a little miracle happened. By the time we made it to the registration the skies magically started to clear out and the gravel gods began blasting some sunshine through the clouds.

With a total distance of approx. 260 kilometers and over 4000 meters of elevation spread over two days we were in for a spicy ride, luggage included.


Loaded to the gills, take that one literally for once, we set out on our journey. Endless gravel roads, rolling climbs and the occasional tricky descent truly made our hearts sing and our legs weep. After six hours in the saddle we made it to the campsite, all ready for the second leg of the day, dinner, the boar part of the trip. The guys prepared a true feast for the riders, a spit roast combined with great beers and good company. Marshmallows by the campfire made for the perfect dessert. After sharing wild - mostly bike related - campfire stories it was time to call it a night and zip down the sleeping bags. Another big ride was waiting after all.


After a sunny breakfast and breaking down the tent we rolled out of the campsite for the second leg of the ride. With a route more suited for our mountainbikes than the previous day and the sun going at full blast, we wanted this day to end to never end. Rolling in to the Jalhay reservoir, we knew we had made it to the finish line. It’s hard to describe the love that this little community spreads. We couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to get to ride with all these lovely - mostly bearded - people.

One love and ride jah bike!

Terry & Reinout

No cake 'till Eupen.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than indulging in some some vitamin D and three days filled with lovely trails and perfect company. After last week’s though Rockalienne on the Baraque Fraiture (more on that later) both Terry and I could use a couple of days filled with sunshine, smiles and Frankfurter lunches to get the legs fully prepped for the races to come.

Malmedy was the first leg of our little tour de Eifel. With this years’s edition of Raid Des Hautes Fagnes as selected race for the National championships XCM, a first reconnaissance ride was much needed. Even though the course is far from unknown to us, it’s always nice to check out the roots before any numbers are attached on the bikes. As expected, Raid Des Hautes Fagnes will live up to it's legacy as one of the toughest single day marathon events hosted in Belgium. Technical trails, steep climbs and a boatload of elevation will test every rider to the fullest. It will surely be big a fight for the jersey, but Thunder Terry is looking better than ever!

After checking out the course in Malmedy, it was time to drive up to our favourite campspot by the Weser basin in Eupen. After some evening grilling and beers it was time to call it a night and dream about the endless trails of solitude to come. Nothing really compares to sharing the beauty of this region on the bike with the people you love. Sometimes getting lost in the woods is the perfect getaway when the season is hitting cruising speed. Both Terry and I took the opportunity to empty our heads and charge our legs to the fullest for the races to come!

The next two days were all about endurance and technique, pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones both phisically and mentally. Long rides with as much variation as possible to not only have a decent training load, but also those much needed impulses that will keep you sharp when raceday comes...

Next week Raid Bocq is on the schedule. After taking third place in La Rockalienne and after last weekend filled with quality training and good vibes, Terry will be standing on the startline with nothing but focus. Eyes on the prize girl, eyes on the prize!


Terry & Reinout

Dirty Reiver

Imagine 200 kilometers of the most pristine gravel Mother Earth ever spewed out, mix in a whole lot of elevation and serve it on a bed of biting cold winds along the Scottish Borders and you end end with an event like Dirty Reiver.

After a week well spent in Snowdonia, filled with hiking, riding awesome trails and a lots of breakfast Terry and I finally got to drive up to Kielder for one of the most legendary gravelraces around.

On the drive up to Kielder castle we started to get our first impression of the scenery we would be riding in. Neverending forests and fields of sheep as far as the eye can see. In other words; true wilderness in the eyes of us big city children. When we finally reached “De rand van den band” AKA the point of no more cellphone reception it was time to call it a night.

The day before the race we took our spot on the campgrounds and started making the final preparations. 40T chainrings were slapped on our XC-rigs and strapped all the energy we would need for the ride to our toptubes. Since both of us could only bring one bike for the entire UK-trip, we chose our weapons carefully and went for the Orbea Alma mountainbikes with Fox 32 suspension. Light, comfy, versatile and most importantly fast as lightning.

The science behind our tactics was pretty solid, we planned on doing what we do best, simply eat and drink our way through a big ride as we always do.

After a warm and cozy night in the van we couldn’t help but notice the snow on the saddles of our bikes that had to spend the night under the stars, this was going to be a cold one… Luckily the atmosphere at the startline was so electric nobody felt even a tad cold when the gun went off.

After a short neutralized section to the official (timed) start, the race was on. It took Terry a couple of hours to find a comfortable pace but our champ always keeps her eyes on the prize.

Speaking of prizes, even though the Dirty Reiver isn’t an official race, the guys from Lauf did a great job adding a little kick to the end of the ride. After 180 kilometers the crazy Icelandics decided to test the riders’ true grit by adding an additional times section of 8 kilometers. The fastest male and female riders on this section were awarded with a pair of Lauf Forks and an entry to Lauf’s own gravelrace in Iceland called The Rift. No wonder Thunder Terry saved up some much needed watts for her endgame. And boy, did we deliver… 8K of solid pacing did the job. And with that being said, we are expecting a nice addition for the Orbea Terra!

Again, The Dirty Reiver isn’t a race, just a timed event, so in the end it turns out to be a race after all!!!! :-) There were some other girls hopping on and off our bus but in the end Terry came across the finish line as first female rider in the big Dirty Reiver 200k ride!

Our verdict?

Dirty river is absolutely a 10/10 must ride gravelrace and one of those events you’ll be feeding positive energy off for months to come.

Not only are the course and views absolutely stunning, you’ll get to meet some of the nicest people keeping this community going as well. Dit we already mention beers?

Big thanks as well to SABMA for providing last minute tyres and fox suspension and TORQ for keeping the sugar and hydration levels high!  

PS. If you ever make it to Kielder, trust us on the spuds. S-P-U-D-S! Simply perfect umami dashes of starch! Enjoy them as much as you possibly can!

Keep on rolling


Terry & Reinout

Battle On The Beach

Just like last year, team eCHATlon-Doltcini travelled to Wales for the last beach race of the season. Perfect Welsh beaches and lovely singletrack are only one ferry crossing away after all. This year’s trip however would take us a bit further north for the Dirty Reiver gravel race, which you will read all about in the next post!

Let’s kick things off in the sand! Battle On The Beach is anything but the beach races we are used to on the mainland. Once you drive onto the campsite in the in the lovely Pembrey county park, the feeling already catches on. Our first experience with battle on the beach took place last year when Terry and I arrived at what looks like a giant bicycle tailgate-party lasting a whole weekend! Since then we fell in love with the whole event.

Although the competition is as fierce and fast as in any other beach race, Battle on the beach really packs the extra punch. How do they do it? Well, first of all they kick things of properly with a battle in the dark to get the blood flowing. A time trial on a part of the course, powered by live music and loads of enthusiastic supporters. Terry and I were the first out of the gates and Terry managed her way to the podium with a great third place, this meant she could start the next day’s race with confidence.

After a good night’s rest it the big race was on. The sun was out and there and we would be sent off on the beach with a tailwind. Perfect conditions for two hours of pedal hammering. Here’s a little recap of Terry’s race:

After taking a head start on the beach it was difficult to maintain the high pace in the singletracks. turns out there were some real power houses among the women elite this year! Each lap I managed to make my way back to the front of the race on the beach section of the course, I’m half a dutchie remember? ;) Unfortunately on the last lap things took a bit of a dive - At least I did, quite literally - into the pond next to the course. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself too bad and managed to get back on the bike and finish the race. By that time first and second place were no longer within reach. Luckily adrenalin pushed me hard enough to secure third place and a spot on the podium. This year’s race certainly took an unexpected course. But hey, at least they’ll call it Terry’s pond from now on…

Safe to say that Battle on the beach is a unique event. It’s not only about being the fastest on the bike, the Welsh really understand the importance of washing down the taste of blood with some fine ales after a race. Which makes it all even more worthwhile!

Finally we would also like to thank some of the lovely friends we made along the way.

Big CWTCH to Matt, for organizing one of the best cycling related events we have come across, for making us feel at home on the other side of the pond and for letting us taste some fine Welsh beer!

Much love to Grant, the wildest of men for the chats, tire boosting and love. We hope to see you as soon as possible on the other side, our door is always open.

Shoutout to Ian for the laughter, taking care of our lost & founds and making us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside!

That’s about it, I think we made our case. Battle On The Beach is a 10/10 must ride event. Take it from us, we would have been more than happy if Theresa made us stay on the island forever…

Much love,

Terry & Reinout

Spring fever

It only takes some warm North-African air to get us buzzing with excitement after a couple of cold and very wet winter months. With the beach race season having come to an end, team eCHATlon-Doltcini is shifting it’s focus to the second leg of the season. From now on we will have to go the distance, both on training rides and races.

We are beyond stoked to have riding conditions this mild in the middle of december. It really makes clocking those much needed LSD rides so much more enjoyable. But there is more. As if the sunny weather wasn’t enough of a motivator, Terry and I received some other presents that are really boosting the watts-department.

Shoutout to Abus for providing us with the slickest helmets we ever wore. These things truly are gamechangers. Not only do they assure a perfect fit. they are also crazy light, super sturdy and real headturners. This season team eCHATlon-Doltcini will be rocking two different models. Both the aero Gamechanger and the extremely light and ventilated Aventor will be keeping our coconuts safe when gravity decides to take it’s job a bit too seriously. If your are looking looking for a a helmet that not only looks good, but also performs at the highest level, just go with the Germans. Abus really knocked it out of the park with these babies.

Even though it looks and feels like spring has landed and is here to stay, Terry and I decided to treat ourselves to a week of training in Spain. A little bootcamp never hurt nobody and neither did an extra dose of vitamin beach. This means chances are our next post will be reaching you guys straight from the mediterranean coast, long sunny rides, cocktails and Pata Negra will surely get us ready for the first big races coming up in April.

Follow the sun!

Terry & Reinout

Spain took my baby away

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

This means the first blogpost since Team Echatlon-Doltcini officially stepped onto the stage will be written by little rodents instead of a furry pussycat.

Last couple of weeks where filled with finalising our new cycling kit for the upcoming season, racing, drinking coffee and finally topped of with a visit to Velofollies, the biggest cycling fair in Belgium, where we got to meet everyone supporting us once again. We are so grateful to have this group of friends supporting us, Team eCHATlon-Doltcini is up for the adventure.

Meanwhile snowflakes started falling from the skies, making it a lot more difficult to get in those much needed long winter rides.

Terry however, somehow managed to book herself a flight to Spain. She is thundering up and down the mountains, clocking some much needed miles and making sure the tan lines are on point for the upcoming mountainbike season.

I would like to end this post with another big announcement.

Last year, eCHATlon organized the first edition of the Ghistele Epic gravelride.

For 2019 we swore to save up all of our karma-points in order to ensure sunny weather and ace conditions for the second edition!

All you guys need to do to ensure a spot in this great event is hit Register in our webshop!

Start will be on the 15th of September, 7AM sharp. More details to be announced.

Wear Lumberjacks!

Terry x Reinout

Curtain call

Last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, in between Turkey dinners and much needed fatburning rides, Team eCHATlon has been more than busy finalising the design of the 2019 team kit.

Terry and I are buzzing with excitement , today we can finally reveal our brand new, all cool, quirky and hip outfit for the upcoming season. 

We will kick off 2019 with an altered new name as well: Team eChatlon - Doltcini. 

Belgian Cycle wear brand Doltcini was kind enough to provide us with the sweetest kit. We already experienced their quality earlier in our cycling careers, and have always happy been to have their bibs covering our bums. In other words, everything will be feeling familiar down south. ;) Let’s just say we owe them some clicks, follows and shares this season!

Together with a handful of other partners we aim to make this year not only unforgettable, but also the beginning of a long journey filled with lovely people, crazy races and nothing but good vibes. 

We already announced some of them on our Facebook- & Instagram accounts, but for the people without any patience... get ready for it... here they are. (in no specific order)

 So a big big big big big big big big... thank you to;

  • Doltcini for providing us with the most comfy and slick kit one could wish for.

  • Steershop bruges greatest bikeshop, for having our backs when our bikes need some loving.

As well as these fantastic people and products there is a special person in particular whom we'd like to thank from the bottom of our hearts. Here’s to Mirjam, THE greatest designer we could have wished for. She has done a terrific job on this kit, thanks to her we will be packing tons of heat to the start line! Take a look at her website, give her a follow on instagram and check out her company. RUIG is where it’s at!

Now it’s back to the races, Egmond Pier Egmond up next!


Reinout & Terry

Five hundred festive pheasants.

#wintermilessummersmiles, Festive 500 rides or even turkey runs, we all have our ways of making it through the winter holidays. This year, we decided to mix things up a little. Terry and I decided to enjoy our ride on the gravy train to the fullest. We will embrace every feast and enjoy this much needed cosiness among friends and family as much as we can. After all, not a single race was ever hurt over Christmas dinner.

But still, blood being thicker than water, the both of us needed to challenge ourselves in a sportive manner as well. The Drenthe 200 mountain bike marathon will test just how soft we have gotten over the holidays. About 200 kilometers of mud, cold and possibly some snow await us in the north of Holland. No harm done, showing up a bit husky on the start line of an event like this. ;)

After plowing through our last marathon of the year and devouring heaps of turkey thighs, we will get back to you guys and girls to announce our final list of sponsors, new kit and further (sportive) plans and projects, Although we can provide a wide variety of content and folly, eCHATlon is still a cycling blog and big stuff is on the horizon!

Feliz navidad

Terry & Reinout

Eurotrashing Scheveningen

For the last couple of years, the town of Scheveningen has hosted the European championships beach racing. Like most race weekends, we drove the van to the startline one day prior to the race. Arriving the day before a race usually gives us maximal opportunity to catch up on some rest and decompress a little after a busy workweek. Mark the word usually, cause this time things went a little different…

Last year’s race was one of those events everyone will bring up when conditions of any ride are going downhill. Freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, snow and crazy winds made the 2017 edition one for the books, add Terry’s 5th place to that list and you’ll get why the pressure was on for this one! Although temperatures promised to be a lot milder this year, storm was still on the menu. After a sleepless night in the van that kept on rocking all night long, for all the wrong reasons I might add, neither of us was too keen on racing the next day. Come rain or shine, euros don’t wait on no one. We were up for two hours in the pain cave.

Being one of the most important races of the season on an international level, the amount of pro-level riders on the startline is nothing impressive. Sharing the pack with guys like Lars Boom, or girls like Pauliena Rooijakkers really puts it all in perspective. Nevertheless, knowing that competition would be fierce, Terry and I pulled into our startboxes to race our butts off.

After an eventful start, I quickly teamed up with Terry to start chasing down the lead pack. We started catching up, group by group, but never made it to head of the race. Our little two man Echatlon just wasn’t fast enough to make it all the way to the front. Eventually Terry crossed the finish line in tenth position, a result that shows just how high the standard of this race really was…

Oh, almost forgot, we had Coffee at Lola again! Every cloud has a silver lining after all. :)

Peace, paws

Terry & Reinout

Lessons in lemonade

Let’s talk about lemonade! As everyone who’s been following our blog probably noticed, It’s been a while since our last post. Last couple of weeks were a bit stormy, to say the least. With the season in full effect, our lives are fully revolving around training, racing and off course our dayjobs. As if making this combination isn’t stressful enough on it’s own, life threw another curveball our way…

First of all, I’m not at all aiming to make this blogpost into a cry for sympathy, on the other hand it is a great channel to write away some of the negative emotions that have been overshadowing the last few weeks. Tall trees don’t only catch much wind, they also house energy vampires. Although the first races this season went really well on the athletic side of things, a person can only take so much negativity from his or her teammates until the cup runs over…

In the end, it always boils down to the same thing; When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This is exactly what we did in the couple of weeks away from the blog and boy, does it taste sweet!

Terry and I have always been really grateful to everyone supporting us in what we do. Ranging from our sponsors, family to even work and everyone else that gave us the freedom to live our lives the way we do. After all; In this little community it is not about what you get. It’s about what you give…

This being said, here’s to our new trajectory!

From now on Terry and I will no longer be racing under the colors of the Moeder Lambik Beachrace Team. This means Echatlon is leaving the nest a little earlier than expected!

We are already massively grateful to all of our sponsors that will be backing us on our journey.

New jerseys are being designed as we speak and the first big projects for the following season made their way onto our calendar.

Think of this post as the launch of a new taste of your all time favorite soda. Give it the benefit of the doubt and in no time you’ll be hooked…

Keep an eye on our website and Blog for further announcements. Let’s close this one down with a big paw to all of our backers and sponsors that will be announced soon all together!


Terry & Reinout

Taking the long way round.

For years now, Hoek Van Holland - Den Helder has been the longest beach race in Europe. The course runs along the Dutch coastline, starting in Hoek van Holland all the way to the finish line in Den Helder with little over 130 kilometers of straight line beach racing.

If this isn’t the mother of all beach races, it certainly is that crazy uncle everyone has running around on family parties. Fun to begin with and a real pain a couple of hours in.

Although Terry and I both booked some nice results in Last year's race, it was characterized by lots of headwinds, rain some hail and showing up late at the startline. It's fair to say we are hoping for some smooth sailing this year...

Last week(end) flew by again, without racing but with boatloads of flat whites and fresh plants in the apartment. With fall standing on the corner some fresh greens were due. they should get us through the dark days.

This sunday however, terry and i will be going full out, trying to do even better than last year. Training has been solid for the last weeks and motivation is served with every breakfast, we are ready!

We’ll get back to you guys after the race with the full report. Until then, go ahead and burn some candles for good luck (or a whole church for that matter).

May the wind be forever in our favor!

Terry & Reinout

We're off to the races

Hi all,

After our first weekend of racing the sand again, Terry and I made the most of two weeks without numbers strapped on to our handlebars. No better way to enjoy the last of the summer days than to get those last long rides in before the full madness of the beach race season kicks into gear. We drove the van to Hoek van Holland, camped out for a couple of nights, clocked some easy (s)miles on the beach and more importantly visited our friends from Lola Bikes and Coffee in The Hague. Looking back on last weekend it’s safe to say; Racing sucks! ;)

After our little trip full of the finest caffeine and vitamine Sea, it’s time to buckle up for the next double. Derpbikers beachrace in Egmond and Brabant Beach Battle are up next, motivation is high and the legs are aching to go full out. We’ll get back to you guys after the races!


Terry and Reinout

First beach race weekender of the season

This weekend, Terry and I kicked off our season of Beachracing. Especially Terry was beyond stoked to step up to the startling in her Crisp national champ Kit.

First race of the weekend Took place in Egmond, The weather was sunny and everyone brought their smiling faces to the startline. Smiles faded away pretty quickly after the gunshot. We took off at lighting speed and soon had the taste of blood in our mouths, the first taste of racing above threshold pace after a season of racing marathons, is a sour one. This being said, Terry boasted off right from the start, we kept the pace constant and left the competition right out of the gates. Terry came in first place, the best way to start the season as a national champ!

Racing is not only about winning though, we are more than grateful to be part of this wonderful community. After the race we paid a visit to one of the most unique bike shops around for some beers, fun and a lot of chit-chat at Beachbastards.


Pay these guys a visit when you get the chance, shops like these make the bike community go round!

After taking the win in Holland we cruised back home to get ready for part II. Oostende, hometurf for our lady Thunder was the next stop on the calendar. Oostende is known for being one of the more technical beach races on the calendar, making it not quite as “beachy” as our race on Saturday.

Best part of the day however? Being able to ride our bikes to the start line. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day without travel, gives us more time to write blogposts. ;)

The race, almost forgetting the race!

We tried the same tactics as the day before, blasting off, straight from the gates. Despite the quick start and high pace, competition managed to keep us in their sights for almost thee quarters of the race giving us a run for our money. Terry managed to keep her cool and charged away in the fourth lap, taking her second win of the season! It may be soon to jump to conclusions, but let’s put it this way, I’m really glad I like flowers…

This is it for today, see you guys around and keep reading!

Much love,

Terry and Reinout

Ghistele Epicalypse


Munching those Pre-ride Pastries

Last weekend was all about the first edition of our Ghistele Epic gravel ride. Although the weather forecast couldn’t have been much worse, all the riders showed up in great spirits and even greater Lumberjacks. You really made us proud!

We gathered around the race office van for fresh coffee, pastries, handing over lucky cats and other pre-race shenanigans. At 7AM the riders set off to what would become one the wettest days in their lives. Some called it epic, others a return to the womb… One was unanimously agreed, weather would make the first edition of Ghistele Epic one for the books. Despite the harsh conditions, it was a real pleasure to watch the riders flock into the feed stations absolutely drenched, wearing nothing but smiles and Lumberjacks!

Spirits go a long way, just not always the full Ghistele Epic route. Conditions were harsh, this resulted in only six riders going full distance on this first edition.

There will most certainly be a second edition of the Epic, just keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. Pictures will also appear on both website and social media. In other words, stay in the loop.

Finally a big up to everyone who helped us out on course and to all of our Sponsors; Cosmicsports, Keyte, Squirtlube and 3action.

Much love and see you guys next year,

Team eCHATlon


Much needed beers at the local pub.

Dirty Boar weekend

Last sunday, team Echatlon drove to the Belgian high fens to attend the biggest gathering in the Belgian Gravelscene.

The Dirty Boar ride is without a doubt the OG of Belgian gravelraces, and boy did it deliver!

Gravelroads were ace and the singletrack crisp, conditions couldn’t have been better in other words. Once the sun came out, it was smooth sailing on our trusty spanish stallions. Whizzing down signal the Botrange in a golden sunrise was a moment of pure cycling romance. Terry even managed to pin her name on the highest spot of the boar of fame, coming in as first female rider. Thunder struck after all on Belgium's highest peek.

Top off this great ride with a win, some fries, beers and a lovely group of friends and you'll end up writing a post like this on a dreary monday morning behind your desk, feeling both warm and melancholical at the same time.

I would love to write a big story on one of the best gravelrides we ever did in Belgium. Honestly no words can describe this perfect day and the love for the velo each and every rider felt that day on top of Ovifat's skislope...

Next stop is our very own Ghistele Epic, and trust me when I say that last weekend was a big motivator to step up our game just a little bit more.


Keep grinding and register




Reinout and Terry