Echatlon is gank!

Here we go! To set things off, let's go with the small introduction. Echatlon is the furry lovechild of Terry "Thunder" Fremineur and Reinout De Mey, a Belgium based couple living the bike-life. Through this website the both of us are looking to share our results in races, adventures and other events with the rest of the cycling community sponsors and friends.

We are looking to launch this platform with a bang, so join us on our gravelride through Flander's Fields on the 23rd of september. 222K of sweet sweet gravel, singletrack, forgotten roads and of course gusty winds will welcome you. To get patched in, hit register and make your wheels sing!

After all, the west is the best, even the Lizard knew...

More content will appear regularly on the eCHATlon website, as well as on our soon to be launched Facebook-page.

Until then, keep spinning.

Peace, plants and hairballs


Terry & Reinout