Eurotrashing Scheveningen

For the last couple of years, the town of Scheveningen has hosted the European championships beach racing. Like most race weekends, we drove the van to the startline one day prior to the race. Arriving the day before a race usually gives us maximal opportunity to catch up on some rest and decompress a little after a busy workweek. Mark the word usually, cause this time things went a little different…

Last year’s race was one of those events everyone will bring up when conditions of any ride are going downhill. Freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, snow and crazy winds made the 2017 edition one for the books, add Terry’s 5th place to that list and you’ll get why the pressure was on for this one! Although temperatures promised to be a lot milder this year, storm was still on the menu. After a sleepless night in the van that kept on rocking all night long, for all the wrong reasons I might add, neither of us was too keen on racing the next day. Come rain or shine, euros don’t wait on no one. We were up for two hours in the pain cave.

Being one of the most important races of the season on an international level, the amount of pro-level riders on the startline is nothing impressive. Sharing the pack with guys like Lars Boom, or girls like Pauliena Rooijakkers really puts it all in perspective. Nevertheless, knowing that competition would be fierce, Terry and I pulled into our startboxes to race our butts off.

After an eventful start, I quickly teamed up with Terry to start chasing down the lead pack. We started catching up, group by group, but never made it to head of the race. Our little two man Echatlon just wasn’t fast enough to make it all the way to the front. Eventually Terry crossed the finish line in tenth position, a result that shows just how high the standard of this race really was…

Oh, almost forgot, we had Coffee at Lola again! Every cloud has a silver lining after all. :)

Peace, paws

Terry & Reinout