Five hundred festive pheasants.

#wintermilessummersmiles, Festive 500 rides or even turkey runs, we all have our ways of making it through the winter holidays. This year, we decided to mix things up a little. Terry and I decided to enjoy our ride on the gravy train to the fullest. We will embrace every feast and enjoy this much needed cosiness among friends and family as much as we can. After all, not a single race was ever hurt over Christmas dinner.

But still, blood being thicker than water, the both of us needed to challenge ourselves in a sportive manner as well. The Drenthe 200 mountain bike marathon will test just how soft we have gotten over the holidays. About 200 kilometers of mud, cold and possibly some snow await us in the north of Holland. No harm done, showing up a bit husky on the start line of an event like this. ;)

After plowing through our last marathon of the year and devouring heaps of turkey thighs, we will get back to you guys and girls to announce our final list of sponsors, new kit and further (sportive) plans and projects, Although we can provide a wide variety of content and folly, eCHATlon is still a cycling blog and big stuff is on the horizon!

Feliz navidad

Terry & Reinout