Dirty Boar weekend

Last sunday, team Echatlon drove to the Belgian high fens to attend the biggest gathering in the Belgian Gravelscene.

The Dirty Boar ride is without a doubt the OG of Belgian gravelraces, and boy did it deliver!

Gravelroads were ace and the singletrack crisp, conditions couldn’t have been better in other words. Once the sun came out, it was smooth sailing on our trusty spanish stallions. Whizzing down signal the Botrange in a golden sunrise was a moment of pure cycling romance. Terry even managed to pin her name on the highest spot of the boar of fame, coming in as first female rider. Thunder struck after all on Belgium's highest peek.

Top off this great ride with a win, some fries, beers and a lovely group of friends and you'll end up writing a post like this on a dreary monday morning behind your desk, feeling both warm and melancholical at the same time.

I would love to write a big story on one of the best gravelrides we ever did in Belgium. Honestly no words can describe this perfect day and the love for the velo each and every rider felt that day on top of Ovifat's skislope...

Next stop is our very own Ghistele Epic, and trust me when I say that last weekend was a big motivator to step up our game just a little bit more.


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Reinout and Terry