First beach race weekender of the season

This weekend, Terry and I kicked off our season of Beachracing. Especially Terry was beyond stoked to step up to the startling in her Crisp national champ Kit.

First race of the weekend Took place in Egmond, The weather was sunny and everyone brought their smiling faces to the startline. Smiles faded away pretty quickly after the gunshot. We took off at lighting speed and soon had the taste of blood in our mouths, the first taste of racing above threshold pace after a season of racing marathons, is a sour one. This being said, Terry boasted off right from the start, we kept the pace constant and left the competition right out of the gates. Terry came in first place, the best way to start the season as a national champ!

Racing is not only about winning though, we are more than grateful to be part of this wonderful community. After the race we paid a visit to one of the most unique bike shops around for some beers, fun and a lot of chit-chat at Beachbastards.


Pay these guys a visit when you get the chance, shops like these make the bike community go round!

After taking the win in Holland we cruised back home to get ready for part II. Oostende, hometurf for our lady Thunder was the next stop on the calendar. Oostende is known for being one of the more technical beach races on the calendar, making it not quite as “beachy” as our race on Saturday.

Best part of the day however? Being able to ride our bikes to the start line. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day without travel, gives us more time to write blogposts. ;)

The race, almost forgetting the race!

We tried the same tactics as the day before, blasting off, straight from the gates. Despite the quick start and high pace, competition managed to keep us in their sights for almost thee quarters of the race giving us a run for our money. Terry managed to keep her cool and charged away in the fourth lap, taking her second win of the season! It may be soon to jump to conclusions, but let’s put it this way, I’m really glad I like flowers…

This is it for today, see you guys around and keep reading!

Much love,

Terry and Reinout