Curtain call

Last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, in between Turkey dinners and much needed fatburning rides, Team eCHATlon has been more than busy finalising the design of the 2019 team kit.

Terry and I are buzzing with excitement , today we can finally reveal our brand new, all cool, quirky and hip outfit for the upcoming season. 

We will kick off 2019 with an altered new name as well: Team eChatlon - Doltcini. 

Belgian Cycle wear brand Doltcini was kind enough to provide us with the sweetest kit. We already experienced their quality earlier in our cycling careers, and have always happy been to have their bibs covering our bums. In other words, everything will be feeling familiar down south. ;) Let’s just say we owe them some clicks, follows and shares this season!

Together with a handful of other partners we aim to make this year not only unforgettable, but also the beginning of a long journey filled with lovely people, crazy races and nothing but good vibes. 

We already announced some of them on our Facebook- & Instagram accounts, but for the people without any patience... get ready for it... here they are. (in no specific order)

 So a big big big big big big big big... thank you to;

  • Doltcini for providing us with the most comfy and slick kit one could wish for.

  • Steershop bruges greatest bikeshop, for having our backs when our bikes need some loving.

As well as these fantastic people and products there is a special person in particular whom we'd like to thank from the bottom of our hearts. Here’s to Mirjam, THE greatest designer we could have wished for. She has done a terrific job on this kit, thanks to her we will be packing tons of heat to the start line! Take a look at her website, give her a follow on instagram and check out her company. RUIG is where it’s at!

Now it’s back to the races, Egmond Pier Egmond up next!


Reinout & Terry