No cake 'till Eupen.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than indulging in some some vitamin D and three days filled with lovely trails and perfect company. After last week’s though Rockalienne on the Baraque Fraiture (more on that later) both Terry and I could use a couple of days filled with sunshine, smiles and Frankfurter lunches to get the legs fully prepped for the races to come.

Malmedy was the first leg of our little tour de Eifel. With this years’s edition of Raid Des Hautes Fagnes as selected race for the National championships XCM, a first reconnaissance ride was much needed. Even though the course is far from unknown to us, it’s always nice to check out the roots before any numbers are attached on the bikes. As expected, Raid Des Hautes Fagnes will live up to it's legacy as one of the toughest single day marathon events hosted in Belgium. Technical trails, steep climbs and a boatload of elevation will test every rider to the fullest. It will surely be big a fight for the jersey, but Thunder Terry is looking better than ever!

After checking out the course in Malmedy, it was time to drive up to our favourite campspot by the Weser basin in Eupen. After some evening grilling and beers it was time to call it a night and dream about the endless trails of solitude to come. Nothing really compares to sharing the beauty of this region on the bike with the people you love. Sometimes getting lost in the woods is the perfect getaway when the season is hitting cruising speed. Both Terry and I took the opportunity to empty our heads and charge our legs to the fullest for the races to come!

The next two days were all about endurance and technique, pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones both phisically and mentally. Long rides with as much variation as possible to not only have a decent training load, but also those much needed impulses that will keep you sharp when raceday comes...

Next week Raid Bocq is on the schedule. After taking third place in La Rockalienne and after last weekend filled with quality training and good vibes, Terry will be standing on the startline with nothing but focus. Eyes on the prize girl, eyes on the prize!


Terry & Reinout