Dirty Boar Bikepacker

Strap on your bags and enjoy the ride. This year, team eCHATlon Doltcini was lucky enough to get it’s paws on two tickets for the Dirty Boar Bikepacker. Even though it was only the second edition organised by our friends from the Vettige Swa’s, the bikepacker already acquired a legendary status in the scene. We were for sure in for a treat, on and off the bike.

On the drive up to the the High Fens, it kept on raining cats and (some) dogs. Both Terry and I started to wonder wether we packed enough dry stuff for this adventure…Only kilometers from the start a little miracle happened. By the time we made it to the registration the skies magically started to clear out and the gravel gods began blasting some sunshine through the clouds.

With a total distance of approx. 260 kilometers and over 4000 meters of elevation spread over two days we were in for a spicy ride, luggage included.


Loaded to the gills, take that one literally for once, we set out on our journey. Endless gravel roads, rolling climbs and the occasional tricky descent truly made our hearts sing and our legs weep. After six hours in the saddle we made it to the campsite, all ready for the second leg of the day, dinner, the boar part of the trip. The guys prepared a true feast for the riders, a spit roast combined with great beers and good company. Marshmallows by the campfire made for the perfect dessert. After sharing wild - mostly bike related - campfire stories it was time to call it a night and zip down the sleeping bags. Another big ride was waiting after all.


After a sunny breakfast and breaking down the tent we rolled out of the campsite for the second leg of the ride. With a route more suited for our mountainbikes than the previous day and the sun going at full blast, we wanted this day to end to never end. Rolling in to the Jalhay reservoir, we knew we had made it to the finish line. It’s hard to describe the love that this little community spreads. We couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to get to ride with all these lovely - mostly bearded - people.

One love and ride jah bike!

Terry & Reinout