Borderlining Poland.

Hey guys, time for a little write up on the second stage of Sudety…

After yesterday’s win, morale was high to get the pedals turning again. Conditions were expected to be extremely wet, but some rain wasn’t going to stop us from fighting our way to the first spot on the podium.

Compared to the rest of the race, stage one of the Sudety Mountainbike Challenge kind of lets you get a hang of the terrain, although there are some tricky sections for sure, the course designers leave the big guns hidden for later in the race.

Compared to the opening leg of the challenge, stage two is a truly notorious one. Over 10 kilometers of the track stretches along the Polish and Czech border over what can only be described as a trail that was built with boulders originating from a couple of trucks worth of cargo loss. Add a massive amount of rain into the mix and the second stage quickly turned int to real carnage for both riders and their gear.

Like everyone on course that day, team eCHATlon-Doltcini suffered from some minor crashes and other little hiccups, but other than that we managed to keep a nice pace and ride it out to first place again!

Choo Choo!

Terry & Reinout