After last years edition of the Ghistele Epic, team eCHATlon couldn’t help but notice the amount of riders that really wanted to register, but were a bit skeptical to the idea of trading in their much enjoyed post ride bartime for a full day in the saddle.

In order to ensure everyone will be able to find his or her spot in our litter, we designed the Little Epic. A shorter loop of gravel in the format of a group ride. Little epic will shift it’s focus completely to the social and fun aspect of riding bikes. A strictly no drop, gentleman’s and -women ride with nothing but good vibes on the menu. Oh, and maybe some breakfast as well… ;)

Just like the riders that register for the full distance epic, participants of it’s little brother will be treated to the same goodness. Both on and off the bike. In order to turn this day into a truly unforgettable expirience, riders of the Little Epic will be treated to some extra off-bike-extras.

In order to kick things off fully fueled. registrants will be offered breakfast before the ride. After coffee (Thanks Il Magistrale) and Carbs, the group of maximum 20 riders will set out on it’s journey. A gravel guide will lead the pack over a 80 kilometer course following a scenic and historical route. A feed station and coffee stop along the way will ofcourse be included. After the ride, participants will be treated to an abundant amount of local brews while they tell the tales of their exploits and watch the riders of the Ghistele Epic roll in.

Oh, did we forget to mention the start time for Little Epic will be given at 9AM instead of 7AM? More nap time for that real sunday feeling!

If any of this sounds like a fun day out and about, hit register and secure your spot. Little Epic entries are strictly limited to 20 places, don’t sleep on it, you’ll have plenty time to do so afterwards…